Cock and ball torture

Lan Wang Ji stared at his bowl, then carefully picks up a cube of lean pork meat with the spoon to take an experimental nibble off it.The stories may be read as standalone or inter-connected with each other - it doesn't really matter, and don't take things too seriously.The trails leading out of Burial Mounds may be buried during snowstorms, so they needed to be prepared for the worst.However, due to the increasing number of plot elements and characters added in, it's best to read the chapters sequentially, rather than chronologically.” “Of course it’s good.g. Namikaze Naruto. Next, he recklessly dumps more pork ribs than lotus root into the bowl, probably for wanting to clear out the pot sooner (Wang Ji notes the amount of spills Wei Ying made).Please put in a Kudos if you appreciate the existence of this fic.He usually keeps to a vegetarian diet, although ever since they started living together, he had been increasing his consumption of fish (his favourite, so far), freshwater shrimp and limited amounts of chicken and eggs from their modest farm.He looks up to say a few complimentary words about Wei Ying’s handiwork, but when he sees the younger man engrossed in downing a bowl of the soup in record time (Wei Ying even raised his bowl high above his head and tips it to let the last drops roll into his waiting tongue, no less), he smiles and shrugs wordlessly.Wang Ji began to clean each bowl and plate.Have more!” “I’ve made a big pot just for you, so you have to finish it, Lan Zhan!” “Mn.This one's for you! p.Thank you to CQL Untamed team for the hard work and unforgettable memories, Thank you to Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo and everyone else for bringing the characters and story to life, Thank you to the fans for making this an experience of a lifetime.Lan Wang Ji squeezed soapy water from the washcloth and resumed his kitchen clean-up.Wei Ying reaches for a clean bowl from the kitchen’s drying rack and proceeds to fill it with more soup (Wang Ji notes the oily fingerprints on the new bowl).When he reached Wei Ying’s bowl, he noticed the leftover rice and some pieces of bittergourd.Nice and positive comments are appreciated, and feedback is welcomed, but don't expect changes in the way the fic is written or managed, e.The warmth in his cheeks had spread slowly down his throat, and for a moment, he thought he might be coming down with a fever or a common cold.Also, some chapters may be edited even after posting to keep the stories in line.The older man picks up a wing daintily with chopsticks, and places it into Wei Ying’s bowl (which is still half-filled with rice and suspiciously-untouched bittergourd slices), to which the younger man grunts in appreciation through a mouthful of food.

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"Cock And Balls Torture"

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cock and balls

Behind him, the Mando raised their hands and pulled off their helmet, revealing the familiar face of Jango Fett.All of it coalesced in his gut then lit along his spine, and Obi-Wan came again, overwhelmed.”.A flush pinked Obi-Wan's face and chest, and his cock was hard and dripping already.He brought up a hand and pulled off his glove with his teeth, then cupped Obi-Wan's tender cock before beginning to gently rub the insides of Obi-Wan's thighs.Obi-Wan’s heart raced, and in his attempts to pull away from the pain, he rubbed his sore ass against the cool surface of Jango’s codpiece. Actor Christopher Lee Was A Real Life Badass. Jango let out a dark chuckle, and slapped his balls again.Jango reached up, taking the sensor and deactivating it, then pulling off his other glove and releasing Obi-Wan's hands, massaging his wrists once they were free of the binders. “So naughty,” Jango chided, and landed a sharp slap on the inside of Obi-Wan’s thigh.Jango grinned, one hand continuing to play with Obi-Wan's tender cock and balls while the other unlatched his codpiece and opened his flies. “Talk,” the Mando reminded.Dropping it, Obi-Wan knew, would set off a rather obnoxious but not overly loud alarm.He ran gloved hands down Obi-Wan’s back, pausing as he cupped Obi-Wan’s ass.Obi-Wan moaned, sagging slightly against Jango's chest.He ran his hands over Obi-Wan again and made note of the places where even a gentle touch caused the Jedi to flinch.He ran his gloved fingers along Obi-Wan's crack, and two slipped easily into his well prepared hole.With Obi-Wan so sensitive between the pain and his orgasm, it didn't take much for Jango to have him begging, offering anything Jango wanted.He pinned the length to Obi-Wan’s belly with one gloved hand, and with the other, gently slapped Obi-Wan’s tight balls.He kissed Obi-Wan's temple one last time as he slipped toward sleep, honoured by his partner's trust in him.A third blow landed almost before Obi-Wan registered the second, building heat beneath his skin.Jango spanked him again, lower, where the under curve of his ass met the meat of his thigh.They walked Obi-Wan over to the doorway to the fresher, and secured his hands to the doorframe at the top, his ankles to the straps conveniently at the right height.Only then to Jango rise and return to the 'fresher. Jean x reader lemon. Shifting, Jango rubbed and kneaded the muscle, sensitizing Obi-Wan’s skin.As he trusted his partner to give him pain, he trusted him to give him pleasure. “All you have to do is give me what I want.Obi-Wan sagged back, his weight pressed against Jango.

Burger King Cock and Ball Torture

Quivering in anticipation and out of the touch he was now being deprived of, missing the feeling of his large hands on his rear.Unable to contain the sounds that erupted from inside his chest, and Ghostface was eating up every sound, every moan, with delight.Squirming and thrashing violently to get out of the iron grasp of the Ghostface, only for him to lay his body weight over him.Biting on his knuckle as he heaved each breath.Still rubbing his own cock, trying to chase release.After a short while the generator was completed, a dinging sound accompanied by the fluorescent lights blaring in it’s completion. Hermione fanfiction. Wet slapping noises and moans were heard from both men.Hands flat against the wall as he bucked his hips into the sloppy mouth pleasuring him. ' he prayed. For now.Fondling the squishy mounds through his pants, teasing his fingertips along his waistband every so often.Ghostface ignored the begs and only shoved his fingers in faster.Trying to pull away his head connected with the wall, only giving Ghostface more incentive to fuck his throat deeper, and he did.Warm breath worked its way through his mask, almost as if he were holding back.Now in the basement of the killer shack, the ominous sounds of the entity and the whistling of a draft were the only noises to be heard.Moaning at the slick warmth that entered him he rolled his hips in a small circle instinctively, the finger then returned making circular motions before eventually preparing to enter. May or may not just write smut in my free time.The fog encasing his body, the thickness almost like water.Breathing heavily he slightly stilled at the sudden closeness between him and the darkly dressed killer.” The Ghostface teased, slapping his cock a bit harder.The pleasure he was feeling was like a blinding light, so warm.Before he left he scanned the area again, seeing Ghostface crouched in a nearby bush.Making his way up the stairs, his fingertips grazing the rotting wallpaper as he made his way up the slanted steps. Amorralok Bloodbending brothers and Avatar Korra. Completely red in the face and eyes, tears and sweat streaking down his face, his nose was leaking snot around his mouth that only helped slicken his lips.Legs now hanging above the ground, and his form left completely vulnerable.Cheeks bulging from the sudden fullness, and hitting the back of his throat making him gag and nearly puke.Being pulled out of his thoughtful trance by Ghostface taking a step forward, making him have his back to the wall.Seeing a palette in the distance near a pile of hay bales a spark of hope rushed over him.

Their quiet life together is turned upside down, when Type storms into Tin's coffeeshop, trying to hide from a persistent stalker.Tin was relieved that Can as here, now, and actually knew Type.He could guess why he had asked about the bathroom.These days, there was nothing more liberating for him, than leaving his outside life and all of his worries and anxieties in the closet by the door of Can’s quarters, along with his bag and his clothes, donning whatever Master had put there for him to wear instead, and just submit to his rules and exciting games.As much as Tin craved to take on that role, so far, every time they had made even small steps in this direction, one of them had balked.If anyone knew how powerless you could be against a more influential opponent, it was Tin himself. Pokemon characters porn. Tin had received a message from Can just before lunch, that he was running behind on paperwork at the club, and would most likely be late for his afternoon coffee. “Good afternoon, what can I get y-” “Please, can I hide here somewhere?” the guy asked, interrupting Tin’s usual customer service question.I have tried to reject him politely at first, then firmly and unambiguously, but no matter what I say, he won’t back down. “This is the first time you don’t have my usual order ready,” he says.The title is this song by Nine Inch Nails.It acutely reminded him of the one exception to their most basic rule: in general, outside of Can’s quarters, they were equals.He tried not to show his disappointment when he realised it wasn’t Can.

His skin had become so sensitive from Fett’s attentions that even a kiss was nearly too much.Goosebumps spread across his skin as he imagined that it was Fett’s hand covering his face, holding him down as his other hand slipped lower.Fett gripped Din’s chin tight between his fingers and positioned him to shave his neck.It made it easier to forget that he was paying them, to imagine himself a thrall at their feet.When Fett pulled him away, Din saw the red splotch he had left just under his jaw.Fett started to rock his hips, and Din wrapped his legs around him, drawing him deeper. A naruto. He slammed his eyes shut, hoping that if he kept them closed, Fett would be gone when he opened them.The tip of his tongue traced spiraling shapes low on his abdomen, and Fett rewarded him with a stifled moan.” “You can stay here as long as you want. “Come here,” Fett called.The first brush of Fett’s lips against his was so slight it wasn’t even a kiss.Fett sighed, and Din pulled back to look at him.He touched where his sideburn had been and bit back a whimper. “Show me.He could feel Fett’s voiceless laugh ripple in his chest.He wanted Fett’s fingerprints burned into his skin, like a chain he could never take off.Fett’s fingertips cupped Din’s sack, and the heel of his hand pressed firm where Din’s own hand lay.Their thighs were pressed together, the skin sticky from falling asleep slicked with sweat.” “Yes, sir,” Fett corrected.” Fett sat down on the side of the bed, a little away from Din.Din’s first instinct was to squirm out of Fett’s embrace; instead, he rested with his helmet on Fett’s chest, and Fett pressed his bare cheek to the beskar.

Slowly pulling his pants down to his ankles, she slowly stroked him back to hardness.So, caught up in the throws of pleasure he didn’t notice Tsunade coming up behind him until he felt her breasts and cock rub against him, her breasts resting against his back and her mighty shaft grinding into his ass.Tsunade seeing this decided to join in and slammed into Shizune’s asshole, her own orgasm happening shortly after due to the sensitivity she felt.As he stepped closer both Shizune and Tsunade stared at him.Removing her hand from his shaft she used the cum Naruto had coated her hand with to stroke herself to and erection while lubing herself in preparation for penetration. “Aiiiiiiiii!!!!” Shizune yelped as she blasted a load into Naruto’s face and hair. Royal knife tales of zestiria. There was no end to his orgasm though as he quickly built up to a second one without even ending his first.As she stroked a blast of her white cum shot out and arched onto Naruto’s head, landing in his hair.” Tsunade said as they all three sat on the floor of the Hokage’s office.Slowly she started to pull out, his asshole gripping tight to the intruder reluctant to release her shaft.Just as he thought he was done being covered however, Shizune marched forward still stroking herself.Tsunade herself groaned as she slammed back and forth between Shizune’s cum lubed thighs, quickly bringing herself to an orgasm as well.He quickly started blasting load after load onto Shizune’s legs, her already cum covered skirt and long bare legs being covered in even more semen.

“If any of you want to safe word as well, please do it.Waiting had never been one of his strengths, and several times Chan had to cool him down as he whined over how fucking bad he wanted Jisung to start feeling too full.So it was granted that he almost kissed Jisung as if he hadn’t seen him in years when the boy finally started to show signs of his distressed state.And using that to their advantage to make Changbin moan too loud because he can’t even keep quiet to save his life.So he was focusing all his attention at the task at hand, literally speaking, and remembering how he expected Jisung’s testicles to hang lower when they first got each other off. But it’s hard, seeing how Jisung cries and cries as he leaks harder and Chan takes it all, making some ugly faces here and there, but nonetheless still eagerly sucking him off. Tony Stark's Daughter. Partly to pee, even though he knew that was the last thing they would let him do there.m.The faint sound of skin slapping as Chan relaxed his jaw and allowed Jisung to fuck his mouth filthily. “Can’t you wait five more minutes, puppy?” Jisung whines with teary eyes, trying his best to stay still because every time he moved, he felt as if he was about to combust.It’s all Jisung thinks as he takes Chan’s finger with want now that his body is more relaxed under their soft touches.But also because of how aroused he was himself.Their bodies are practically mixed with each other, almost not a single part free from touching the other’s skin, yet Jisung feels like it’s not enough.

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